Kool Koor

Kool Koor

Customizing a STELLINA telescope is very special to me because ever since I was a child I was fascinated by space. I would spend countless hours staring into the night sky wondering what it was like up there on another planet. So passionate was I about space that my earliest drawings were about that very subject, I used to draw spaceships and futuristic cities on a daily basis. This theme followed me into my professional career. When we look back at the artwork I created in the late 70's, throughout the 80's and into the 2000's, it is very clear to see that outer space is being explored artistically.

Deep purple

"DEEP PURPLE" was found in the center of a distant galaxy far far away within a flashing haze of purple light. Those flashes may be interstellar civilizations going about their daily life or perhaps a beacon calling out to us. To many the answers to these questions remain a mystery, but if we look hard enough the answers can be found in our imagination.

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